Dog & Partridge

Dog & Partridge

Drinking Rules

Well, let us rephrase, we are not saying ‘Drinking Rules!!🤘’ …think of it more like Drinking Guidelines!!🤘 .

1. You must be over 21 to enter to drink only in our establishment unless accompanied by a parent/legal guardian.
18-21-year-olds are allowed to enter to eat a table meal booked in advance.

2. Please note that we don’t accept reservations if you are coming for drinks only and we operate on a first come first serve basis. To observe social distancing we monitor how many people we can safely accommodate and there is a small chance that unfortunately, you might be turned away if we are very busy especially on Friday and Saturday evening. No groups of more than 6 people as per government guidance.
When you come in for drinks we will give you a form to fill your name and contact number for the NHS Track and Trace purposes. We’ll only keep your details for 21 days and we will never use it for any marketing. 

It wouldn’t be Dog & Partridge political correctness to not include a witty joke, so here’s is today’s effort:

A man walks into the Dog & Partridge and asks ‘What’s the quickest way to get to the village?’
‘Are you walking or do you have a car?’ asks the bartender.
‘I have a car’ replied the man.
‘Aaah good – because that’s the quickest way.’ said the bartender!

See you soon, and stay safe.


Tomasz and Grace

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