Fish & Chips


A beloved and classic dish of fish and chips. A quintessential comfort food combining the crisp, fried goodness of tender fish served with a side of fries and accompanied by tartare sauce, mushy peas and lemon.


Always on the menu on Thursdays are:

Haddock £18, tiger prawns £19 and squid £21. Also available is a shared mixed platter for two, where you receive a selection of the above, a large portion of fries and all the sauces.

We also offer a “Catch of the day“, but because we buy fresh every day, we only find out ourselves what it is on the day. 

All the fish come with a choice of batter

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Your batter choice

- traditional - beer batter - curry batter


Take advantage of our special offer on wine, available only with Fish & chips on Thursdays.

Purchase a single order of fish and chips and be entitled to a 25% discount on a large Chenin Blanc.