Dog & Partridge

Dog & Partridge

March is a month of Sharing – or is it? We are talking Dessert after all!

Step into March and look forward to a free dessert!

To Share or not to Share, that is the Question.

Here at the Dog and Partridge we are known for our irresistible and easy-to-love desserts, so we’ve decided to treat you with a touch of indulgence at the end of your meal.

Order any 2 main meals and you can have your choice of free dessert!

Of course it’s then up to you whether you want to share it or not. The desserts are all delicious, so we wont judge!

For our complete Menu and choice of Desserts click here but to give you a quick teaser you could be enjoying:

  • Home-made Sticky Toffee Pudding, classic Toffee sauce and velvety Vanilla Ice cream.
  • Decadent Chocolate & Almond Brownie, comforting Chocolate & Coffee sauce, and your choice of stunning Ice cream.
  • Heavenly Cheesecake of the day.

Offer available All day Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday OR Friday & Saturday lunchtime.

All you need is love, but surely a dessert or 2 can’t hurt!

Tomasz & Grace
Dog and Partridge



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